Woods Hole Film Festival Accepts “To Hear the Music”

May 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

This is great news, it’s a filmmaker-friendly Boston-area fest, from July 26 to Aug. 2 this summer.

I will attend, and do my best with publicity for the fest and going forward.  WGBH also has a record of broadcasting films from this festival.  I was hoping for a Boston-area event, and unlike the wonderful but specialized AGO convention, this opens the film up to the general public.




Nyon Film Fest – Visions du Réel

May 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

Nyon is a friendly documentary-only film fest and market in Switzerland, that  I just attended with To Hear the Music, which was invited.  While I spoke to several sales agents and commissioning editors for television, and many other producers, I quickly realized that it’s no easier to sell a film in Europe as a one-off independent project than it is in the States. Something may well come of it all, but, as everywhere, the market is glutted with product, relationships need to be established and pursued, and luck will likely be a major factor in the end.

Here in the US, PBS remains literally the ONLY television broadcast possibility, and I will be pursuing a national broadcast.  With New Hampshire already having broadcasted, and Rhode Island, Maine and possibly Massachusetts interested in airing a film about a local company and a local product, and a local school and church (Memorial Church, Harvard University), the hope — well, my belief — is that there is a universal quality to this work among music lovers, as well as crafts lovers, as well as those that admire a certain work ethic, that might carry this film to a national broadcast.  I will pursue the steps I can, but To Hear the Music, more than anything, needs a champion inside the system to improve its chances.  Anyone out there?  Please be in touch.


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