Organ Historical Society now selling TO HEAR THE MUSIC

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Organ Historical Society now selling TO HEAR THE MUSIC

In return for advertising with them during a Kickstarter campaign, OHS has some free copies of THTM just in time for the holiday season!


Jean-Christophe Geiser

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For those of you who are in and around Lausanne, Switzerland, or simply want to go there, 3 upcoming concerts on Fisk’s Opus 120, performed by Jean-Christophe Geiser on the 11th (better book those tickets quickly), 13th and 31st of December. More info on Fisk’s concert calendar:
and here:

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Well, I haven’t died and neither has this project — on hiatus in Mexico building a house near San Miguel de Allende, but back to announce that the Organ Historical Society ( will soon be selling the film. 

We continue to sell the film ourselves here: 

and look forward to our public debut in 2014 via festivals, television broadcast, and hopefully a presence at the AGO convention in Boston next June (

More on all this as it develops. Stay tuned.


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