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October 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

On June 20, we shot the delivery of Opus 139 to Memorial Church, traveling with the truck carrying the first load of parts.  A crowd of volunteers of all ages was on hand at the shop, as were both Jake Thomas, with his Glidecam, and Rob Cooper, with his own camera.

A couple of weeks later, we covered the gilding of the 16′ front pipes at the shop, and their subsequent delivery to Harvard.

In late July, we covered the Pipe Organ Encounter program, where gifted high school students receive lessons in organ building at Fisk, and in organ performance from Christian Lane, Assistant Organist at Memorial Church.

Aug. 15 found us shooting the voicing process, featuring tonal director David Pike and Nami Hamada.  Austin DeBesche was behind the camera and Mario Cardenas recorded audio.  Later in that day, we interviewed Peter Sykes, first organist at First Congregational Church in Cambridge, and Christoph Wolff, Adams University Professor of Music, former director of the Harvard Music Program, and a good friend of Charles Fisk in the decade before his death.

Otherwise, we continue with fundraising and preparing to shoot the dedicatory concert on Easter Sunday, 2012, with editing hopefully beginning soon thereafter…


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