Last Day in the Shop

June 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • Huge successful day at the shop, our last, shooting multiple interviews & climbing up and down Opus 139 in the erecting room with a jib cam. Stay tuned..

    Ed Jones and Chris Lane came up from Cambridge to play.

  • On Sunday, May 22nd, we presented a new, 6 minute trailer at Memorial Church coffee hour featuring the new Opus 139 and appearances by Christian Lane and Edward Jones, as well as the 14 month old Henry Jones.We will be posting the trailer by June 10
    Next up: delivery of the deconstructed organ (thousands of parts and pipes) to Harvard June 20….voicing in Memorial Church (this takes more than 6 months!)…and a series of 5 dedicatory concerts next spring, with Opus 139 played in public performance for the first time next Easter, April 8; then 3 concerts over the following three weeks with world-class organists (an eclectic repertoire between them), and a church chorale thereafter.
    Meanwhile, we’re eager and ready (soon as the money’s there) to start exploring the archival world re the history of organ building over literally thousands of years; and the mid-20th century battle between advocates of electro-pneumatic instruments, and those, like Fisk, of mechanical action instruments (that direction connection between the touch of the finger on the keyboard and the voice of the pipe).

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