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Open Houses this weekend

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Two terrific open houses this weekend, one for Harvard folks directly involved with 139 and another for the community. Great footage shot by Austin on Friday and Jake on Saturday. Impromptu stand up interviews with a wide variety of people, including families with little children…

Shooting update

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We shot again last Wednesday as Opus 139 continues to be assembled, piece by piece, pipe by pipe, in preparation for the Open House on May 14. These days, the shop is buzzing with activity and a panoply of construction sounds.

This Friday we’ll go again as the casework goes up around the guts of the organ and Opus 139 begins to resemble itself. ¬†Hopefully before week’s end we’ll have a chance to shoot Morgan Pike sculpting the capitals for the top of the upper front casing.

Next week even more activity as the shop races to complete the Instrument in the erecting room; some beauty shots of Opus 139 prior to Open House; a first look by a large group from Harvard; a first test-drive of the Instrument by Memorial Church’s organists, Ed Jones (head organist) and Chris Lane (assistant organist); and the Open House itself, C.B. Fisk, Inc’s traditional celebration of the “birth” of each of its creations.

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